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A Spa can be a great inclusion your home, they can be therapeutic but they can also add to your entertainment area. When considering swim spas, outdoor spas, spa pools, portable spas, plunge pools, hot tubs, it can be a little daunting - the size, the number of jets, the type of jets, lighting, no lighting - the list goes on and on. But don’t worry that is why we are here, click on the logo above to check out the sappire spa range. If you'd like to get a quote or want extra information feel free to come in store and see our staff we are always willing to help. 

Australian owned and made

Sapphire Spas was established with the goal to create a point of difference in manufacturing a premium quality spa pool; competitive in price and built tough in Australia, to handle the harsh Australian conditions. From it’s humble beginnings in 2003, Sapphire Spas has grown to become Australia’s leading innovator in design, comfort and reliability with a 70 strong Dealer Network, able to service Australia wide. As Sapphire Spas has grown, our export has thrived with retail partners in New Zealand, Europe, UK, Reunion Island, Mauritius and Thailand to a point of Sapphire Spas being the leading exporter of Spas in Australia. Our success and rapid growth has necessitated the construction of our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters in Victoria. This facility is smoothly run, with great attention to detail, by General Manager Tim Parkinson. Take a tour of our factory with Tim as he walks you through the creation of one of our 'built tough' spa pools.


Why choose a Sapphire Spa?
Our Standards

We owe the success of Sapphire Spas to our dedication towards upholding standards that we’ve set for ourselves. Abiding by these standards plays an integral part in developing secure business relationships with our dealers and customers which encourages growth, success and happiness for all involved.


Allows us to develop and maintain lasting relationships with our customers, our dealer network, our suppliers and our planet.


Our product looks impressive, luxurious and of high quality because our product IS impressive, luxurious and of high quality. 

We stand by our 100% ROCK SOLID WARRANTY because we produce a product to be proud of.


Adhering to highly organised manufacturing processes allows Sapphire Spas to quote delivery dates that are both accurate and realistic. No false promises of quick delivery means no disappointment


You can rest assured that our service and technical support systems are second to none. An Australian Owned & Made product, your Sapphire Spa can be serviced locally and efficiently with spa spare parts requirements being handled within Australia


We are proud of our achievements but are still eager to learn. If we think improvements can be made anywhere within our business then we will investigate and adopt the best practice to benefit our customer, our dealers and our planet.


Sapphire Spas are committed to staying Clean & Green.



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