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At Bairnsdale pools and spas we use one of the best water testing softwares on the market. the Bio-guard smart-lab will test for everything necessary in the pool including Free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity, PH, Calcium hardness, TDS, Salinity, copper, iron and phosphates. Our water testing specialist have been trained to help you make sure your water is always looking pristine. in order to make your pool sparkle it is necessary to at least have your pool water tested once a month. A pool or spas chemical balance will determine whether a body of water will turn green or go cloudy and it is also very important to make sure you get your water tested to ensure everything is running as it should be, for example making sure there is enough sanitiser in the water to kill bacteria so no one gets sick. 

After you have had your water tested at our shop we will give you a printout stating exactly what is needed to be put in the pool or spa to balance the water. If needed our staff can walk you through step by step on what to add and how to add it, to inform you of tips and tricks to help your everyday pool balancing.

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