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Upgrades and Extras

If you are looking to turn your back yard into the envy of all your neighbours or you want to create an amazing space for the whole family to enjoy you may want to look at extras and upgrades we can offer to ensure when we finish the job you are able to show it off straight away. What ever design your after Dean will do everything he can to make it work. Dean has been installing pools and landscaping for over 20 years and has became to specialist in creating an oasis or an amazing family hub for your backyard. Whether you need extra concrete, more paving, fencing, water fountains, features, automated systems, Pool Blanket, solar heating or other heating alternatives.

Pool Coping

Most fibreglass pools that are installed require a paver to be glued to the shell and to the concrete bond beam, however with Aquatchnic's pools the increased structural rigidity and re-enforcement around the top beam allows for these fibreglass pools to not need a pool coping. 

Pool coping.jpeg


In Australia there is legislation stating that any body of water over 400mm deep must be permanently fenced at a height of 1200mm and with a latch at 1500mm high. Even though this is a legislation it is a great thing to protect the young kids who don't know how to swim or understand pools yet. Over the years there have been many different pool fences but the main two fencing options we offer is glass fencing (either frameless or not) and alluminium pool fencing.

Heating Solutions

When installing a pool we recommend to install some sort of heating solutions as the victorian whether can be harsh and unpredictable. We offer three types of heating solutions, the first is solar heating which will keep your pool warm as long as there is heat coming from the sun, this is the most efficient option but will only get you a couple of more months of swimming time at best. the second option is pool electric heat-pumps, these run like like a reverse cycle air-conditioner and tend to get people 9-10 months of swimming time a year, while still managing to be very power efficient. The third option is gas heating, gas heating is costly but you will be guaranteed good swimming temperature all year round and almost instantly.

boss solar.png
Hayward heat pump.jpg

Water Features

If you would like to give your area the wow factor you may be looking to install a feature piece. if you would like to design your own or with the help from Dean. we are happy to do everything we can to make your wishes come true. If you already have one you love picked out we can build around it to make sure its a permanent feature or we can make a special spot for it so you you take it where ever you like or swap it for another. 

Upgraded equipment and Robotic Cleaners

When we quote our pools we quote them with the best equipment we think is needed for the pool because much like a car the equipment is the engine for a pool and if it is not the best for the job you may have problem's that will impact the time you will get to enjoy the pool. How ever there is new ground breaking technology that has recently come out from Theralux called the Theralux AOP ( That makes your pool much more natural and is efficient while doing so, this is available as an upgrade for those who may be allergic to chlorine or may want a more natural sanitiser. We can also offer upgrades to filtration units and pumps. Another chore no one likes is cleaning and if this is you, you may want to get a robotic cleaner to help you out. a robotic cleaner is a great investment as it costs around $60 to run on a 2 hour cycle every day of the year. The robotic cleaner will vacuum and scrub your walls so the only thing you will have to do is empty and rinse it out.

Theralux aop.png

Autonomation and Wifi

If you are looking at installing a pool at your holiday house or home but don't have the time to always look after it, this may be for you. Event hough no pool is completely automatic these upgraded systems make it much easier to monitor you pool water and with some of them you can do it anywhere in the world. With these systems you are able to monitor heating, PH, sanitiser levels and filtration cycles all from your phone.  As an example if you are on a holiday and you would like to turn on your heating, so when you get home the pool or spa will be ready to use you can just get on your phone and turn it on then set a temperature and it will be ready when you arrive.

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