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Water Testing

If you would like to come in-store and get your water tested we offer professional testing to either fix your problems or continually have perfect pristine water. 

Pool and spa servicing 

Pool and spa servicing 

If you are having trouble with your pool or equipment you may want us to come and fix it. We can either do a regular service on your spa or we can just do a once off or lessons.


Pool and spa cleaners

In store we stock a small range of cleaners for your pool or spa. Even though we do not stock a huge range of cleaners we do have the ability to order in cleaners from most brands, however the most popular robotic cleaners have been the Dolphin X30 wall and floor cleaner.

Pool Equipment 

In store we stock a most pool equipment needs including poles, hoses and accessories. There may be some equipment we may not have in stock however we can easily order it in within a week.



In store we stock all main products and speciality chemicals for your pool or spa. when you come into store see our staff to see what chemicals you may need or speciality chemicals you need to fix your problems. 

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

In store we stock most main parts for your pool or spa. When you come into our store, see our staff to find the part you are after and to see if we stock it. Most parts we can order in but some parts can be obsolete or unattainable in Australia due to overseas manufacturing.

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