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A swimming pool can be the best investment you could ever make. They make a great addition to anyone's entertaining area, they will keep the kids entertained for the with adult supervision of course, and the are also a great statement piece to a persons house.  Pools can also increase the value of your house. So if you are thinking of installing a pool look no further we can assist you so you get exactly what you are after. We install summer time pool fibre glass shells but we can also get creative with you and design just the right pool shell in concrete. and also complete anything needed around the pool. Aquatechnic's pools are 100% Australian made and owned, Aquatechnic's offer the best warranties on the market  to check out all of the shell shapes they have click on the logo Above. In all of our pool quotes we only quote with the best recommended equipment so that your pool is able to operate as efficiently as possible, making it much easier to keep your water quality perfect. As the main warranty agent around bairnsdale and surrounds we have experience in knowing what equipment is most reliable and effecient, that is why we quote our pools with a Theralux filtration system.

Aquatechnics advantage

Available with Pool ColourGuard surface protection, which resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals, guaranteeing pool colour will not fade.


Certified to build to AS/NZS 1838 under license BMP No 520101. We are measured and tested by an authorised, independent auditor. Anyone can say they build to the Standard. For your peace of mind, always ask for a license number. We also comply to the AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality System.




Mictrotech Anti-Microbial Pool Protection guards the pool's surface against the growth of bacteria, making it exceptionally hygienic and safer for your family.

New designs are built using a 5-axis CNC router with computer generated sculpting robotics ensuring precision moulds built to exacting tolerances. The edge beams are true, the shapes geometrically perfect and the surface finish is without peer.

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Pool ColourGuard Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee and Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty - our commitment to providing extended warranties above those standard in the SPASA contract.





Full sized structural ribs, fully supported steps and bench seating, and a wider edge beam mean the pool is independently structural and eliminate the need for secondary engineering works. New high strength, corrosion resistant fibreglass produces a stronger, stiffer pool - up to 20% stronger.


All pools are manufactured using new generation, high performance, corrosion resistant, eco-friendly fibreglass with improved strength and stiffness. Our onsite gelcoat manufacturing facility means daily batching of materials for a better product. Only specialty materials are used - no general purpose products.

All pools are individually made to order, to suit local conditions, at our Jandakot manufacturing facility, the largest and most technologically advanced pool production premises in WA.

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