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Why choose us to build your pool?

Dean is a qualified, registered builder who has been in the pool and landscaping industry all his life. Due to his experience he his able to share his knowledge with you regarding installation and maintenance of your pool or spa. We are a family owned and operated business, Our small team ensures that throughout your project we can provide high quality standards and ease of communication. Through all stages from concept to completion we Dean deals with you directly so you can get his knowledge and advice to the fullest, so that you can get the right project for you. This also allows you to be able to create a relationship with us so you we can ensure your confidence throughout the building and installation of your pool or spa.

As Dean is the owner of the business, construction manager, installer and landscaper he takes pride in his work and does everything possible to ensure the quality of the finished job is exceptional. When plumbing a pool we will hire a qualified reputable plumber to sign off on all plumbing to ensure it all meets code which guarantees an easy handover after final inspection. If an engineer is required we can take car of that to make sure there are no problems later on in life.

The pools we install have the best warranties on the market and are the only fibreglass pool made in Australia to have Pool ColourGuard Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee and Extended Lifetime Structural Warranty - Aquatechnic's commitment to providing extended warranties above those standard in the SPASA contract. 


In addition to the great benefits of choosing us, we also strive to have great after sale service and customer service. As we are the main pool & spa shop in Bairnsdale we have become the main warranty agent for a-lot of companies. Throughout the years through extensive training our team has become great problem solvers in the pool and spa industry. Our experience through warranty work and service work has given us an extended knowledge on the capabilities of equipment and on the best possible equipment for your pool or spa. If we complete any work for you we will address the matter as quickly as possible so that you are not eft in the dark, as we say to all our clients we are only a call away if anything goes wrong, if you simply need another lesson or it may just be that youve gone away and would like us to check on it.

Why choose us for all other pool and spa needs?
Our team at Bairnsdale pools and spas have undergone a water chemistry course and can find a way to fix your green pool, your cloudy pool, your filtration problems, your sanitiser problems and nearly any problem you may come across. 


As we are the main warranty agents for a-lot of companies we quite often come across problems with equipment. Sometimes it may be hard to determine what the actual problem is as a general pool owner but luckily our trained service technicians will have the best chance of finding out what the problem is. 


In all areas of our business we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service, before and after a sale and In-store or out in the field, that is why you should deal with us for all your pool and spa needs. 




30 years experience in landscaping and pool building and instalation. 




Water testing specialist to keep your water balanced and looking pristine.




Jesse is currently being trained to become our next specialist, landscaper, pool installer and builder

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